Firearms Transfers in Chesapeake, VA near Suffolk & Portsmouth!

Chesapeake Square Pawn is more than glad to accept your firearm transfers. Our license information is on file with nearly all of the major online retailers, so all you have to do is select our name from their list of shops to ship to. In the event that our information is not on file with the company you are purchasing from, simply contact us for our Federal Firearms License information.

Our transfer fee is $25 per firearm, plus the background check, for handguns and long guns.

Our transfer fee for all NFA items (silencers, fully automatic weapons, grenades, etc.) is $50.

We are happy to perform outgoing firearm transfers for you as well. All we need from you is the name of the dealer that the firearm will be transferred to. We will obtain a copy of their Federal Firearms License, arrange shipment, carefully pack and ship your item, and update you with tracking information.

The outgoing transfer service fee is $25 plus shipping.

Give Us a Call at 757-673-5268 or Stop By the Store!


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